Frequently Asked Questions
PhpNinja is a general web repair shop. If you have any other question please contact us

Why Ninjas?

Ninjas get the job done. No excuses. No matter the problem, no matter the code, we’re here to help.

Web Maintenance

Websites, apps, databases. Mobile or desktop. We get everything running smoothly so you can rest easy.

Content Management

We can help you install and support WordPress or any other popular CMS. Customized to your exact needs, so you can focus on delivering great content and building your business.

Customer Service

We take the time to get to know our clients and their exact needs. Try it out – contact us and we’ll reply fast. We attend to every detail with service you can trust.


We’re so confident in our skills, we offer a full guarantee. We’ve been doing this for over ten years, and more than 90% of our clients return to us for additional projects. Your projects are in good hands.

Our Specialties

Code Fixes & Improvements

Any problem, any language, we’re here to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. We’ll clean up busted HTML and CSS, including bad tags, broken syntax, missing images, and more. We’ll identify any code problems in jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, PHP, MySQL, or any other language, and get them fixed fast. We can even help you add new features and customizations, so you can deliver a great web experience to your customers.

Content Management

We can help you install, manage, and update systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Let our experts get things set up, and be confident that it’s done right.

Repairing Hacked WordPress

There’s nothing worse than the worry and uncertainty of being hacked. We’ll get you back on firm ground, including restoring your site and getting you off of malware databases.

Website Migration

Let us move your website onto your new hosting provider. No downtime, no hassle.

Speed Optimization

If some has to wait for a page to load, they’re less likely to come back. We’ll optimize your website so that it loads faster – even when traffic is high – so you never lose a customer to a slow pageload again.

Database Management

Anything you need, we’ve got it covered. Database management, migration, optimization, and debugging, whether it’s MySQL, mongoDB, or anything else. We’ll get it straightened out in no time, so you have the data you need.

What We Don’t Do

We’re a highly specialized team. That specialization allows us to be the best at what we do, but it means that we can’t do everything under the sun. We move fast, and we don’t deal with long-term issues that can’t be solved in less than twelve hours. We don’t start brand new design/code projects from scratch, and we don’t do PSD to HTML/CSS work. We don’t work in NET or ASP Windows environments.

Frequently Asked Questions
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