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Optimize your website pagespeed

General optimization of web pages

SEO on page, speed, Web Vitals, Security, and general auditing

We can optimize your website and the speed / score index that Google, gtmetrix, pingdom and any user who enters your website gives you. The result is a web page running under https, loading in less than 2 seconds, fully reviewed, secured and updated.

Optimization includes:

  • Web Vitals Review
  • HTTPS: Installation of SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt. Fixes, to ensure that everything is used under HTTPS
  • General review of the page and settings
  • Basic on page seo review, urls structure, meta tags, html tags in the content
  • Optimization of resources, configurations, server and generated html
  • HTML, CSS, JS Minified and optimized
  • Mobile optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Cache: Review of caches, Apache or Nginx, improvements in the configuration of WordPress / Prestashop. Get Wp Rocket licensed for 1 year with any of our plans!
  • Tweaks internal server configuration (database and php)
  • Security audit and application of changes to strengthen site security.
  • All in one Security plugin installation. Get iThemes Security together with wp rocket in any of our maintenance plans!
  • Installation and configuration of plugin automatic backups and anti-hacking security
  • Automatic quality testing on all pages
  • SEM Rush report and bug cleanup *

Web Vitals Optimization

Has it ever happened to you from your mobile that you are going to click when suddenly the website finishes loading and it turns out that you have hit another element?

Well, things like this are what “measure” the new indicators popularly known as “Web Vitals”, user experience.
The level of optimization that can be reached depends a lot on how the web is built, and in what way it allows modifications. There are templates that are directly so overloaded and poorly planned, that the work is sometimes greater than re-doing the entire web. Web vitals in the case of CMS, is closely related to the template. A lighter template, better usability.

These indicators are increasingly important for Google, the user experience using your website must be optimal. The age of sliders is over.

Largest content paintfull: means that you have elements that take too long to load.
Cumulative layout shift: what we mentioned about the movement of elements when loading and the probability of making wrong clicks without going any further.

To optimize “web vitals” the settings and modifications are very varied and depend on each website.

Cost and delivery

WordPress: € 249 + VAT
Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla, Others: € 349 + VAT

Delivered 1-3 days, depends on the website, delivered as soon as possible.

Ultra optimized websites to date



The same EXTERNAL tools will be used as at the beginning to verify the improvements.
Among them, Google Page Insights.


WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal

Examples pagespeed optimizations

The optimizations consist of a server part (which these graphics reflect) and the client part, what you see in the browser and better reflect tools like GTMetrix or Google Pagespeed. – Caches, server configuration, Php version – Database configuration – There are a couple of plugins that were essential, and the improvements on the server side were progressively lowering the load. – Traditional optimization: database cleaning, cache, configurationserver, resource pooling, image optimization. – Prestashop General Optimization


How to optimize Woocomerce
Improve 10x the speed of your web page
Hacking web performance (PDF)

Page Speed


Google Page Speed ​​is not a great indicator, how you see it gives results +/- 30 in many cases. The emulator they use to carry out the tests with mobile is very old and slow, any wordpress page that uses complex templates will never give a good result of page speed on mobile for example. or are also good tools, maybe better, but less showy.

In any case, we can help you make your website work much better.

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