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Our rates are set based on the amount of time each repair typically takes. If the main repair is quick and easy, you can use the rest of your time to make extra changes.

Development hours packs

  • 4 hours – 250€
  • 10 hours – 500€
  • 20 hours – 960€

*Compatible with anything Php and any popular CMS.
*At your disposal within 6 months
*Development hours of seniors Php, Javascript, Css, MySql, and CMS developers.

You can spend development time as you want

  • Accurate changes, repairs.
  • Content changes, JS, CSS
  • Plugin installation
  • Bug repair
  • CMS installation
  • Accurate changes and repairs.
  • Content change, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP
  • Plugin modifications
  • Bug repairs
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Third party APIs, services, pixels, trackers, ….

¿How to track tasks and time spent?

With our private customers area.

Other products and Services

Website Optimization – 249€

Malware Cleaning – 225€

Hosting Migration – 120€

Monthly Maintenance & Expansion Plan – 247€ / month


¿Why Choose us?

For what we’ve seen, and compared to our competitors we have the best technical team focused on web maintenance and urgent bug fixing, and the only ones offering WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal and Joomla Support. Honestly, the problem it’s always on defining the project, once is defined and everything is clear for the developer, it’s done.

To get the best price, try be very clear on your requests, we will follow you, just tell us in a declarative way what you want, mission encomended is mission accomplished.

We do our best to communicate, and we do it well, check our customers reviews. We want to do a great job, so you come again, and recommend us. We are not interested on anything else. The plan is to work WITH you on every project, but to take out from your plate all the website related stuff. We are nin

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