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How to fix a website

Your website doesn’t work. Ok let’s dig into it.

We need to know if we have a Back issue (Php in this case) or a Front issue (Javascript, Css, or Html).

If you see a blank screen with a message that includes one of the following keywords: Warning, or Fatal Error or Notice, the issue will be fixed reviewing php files. It’s possible that you see your website but with a “beautiful” error at the top, inside the content or at the bottom.
In both cases, the issue will be fixed after reviewing php files.

Otherwise, if the page loads correctly, there is no error message, our issue will reside in our Javascript or Css lines.

Back issues

If your website was working correctly, it’s very possible that you need to update some component or update a configuration file.
For example, in an ecommerce site, when clicking in “checkout” we see a blank screen with an error message, it could be for example that email functions (or mail configuration) are not working well and they are blocking the checkout process (an issue we fixed recently).

To finish, if an error message do appear, probably you will see a route and a filename, and a line number. So you will need to open that file and check that line. With that we will start the “fixing process”, but you will need to know some Php to understand what that lines do.

Front issues

What’s the issue? Any block or any visual detail is not showing up correctly? In some browsers works but not in others? Then, the issue is in our Css lines.

Otherwise, if a button doesn’t works as it should be or an slider is not working well, probably our issue is a Javascript issue. It would be good to open developer tools and check if there are some errors in the Console. If some red text shows up, it will tell you which file and line you have to look at.

It’s not posible to write an article with every solution to any problem, but knowing where to start is the 80% of the solution to that issue.
It’s very different (cost/time) to ask a programmer to fix a problem we already have tracked down, than to just tell a programer to fix an issue without knowing from where that issue is coming from.

You know what they say, fix a bug on a page you made, it’s like being a detective and criminal at the same time. First thing is to try to understand and determine as much as you can where the issue is coming from. If you start touching freely or pasting code lines from internet you can make the issue bigger.

Good luck, and if you need some help, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Beto López
Software engineer & Full stack website developer who has left a startup job where wednesdays were "yoga days", to build an standarized-low-cost technical support service, deepest than than the service hosting companies provide, for website owners, freelancers and digital businesses. Personal Website, Linkedin y Twitter.

How to fix a website
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