Website hacked

We fix and protect hacked websites fast. Hacks, malware, ... any kind of website

Website hacked

We urgently recover your hacked website and protect it to prevent future meltdowns. On the same day, as soon as possible. We’ve been fixing hacked websites for more than 15 years. About 1000 hacked Websites, all popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop are hacked constantly due to misconfigurations, poor maintenance, server issues, outdated plugins.

Is my website hacked?

How do I know if my website has been hacked? If you see strange text strings in Google Results, unrecognized popups, unrecognized pages inside your website, or just a website that is not yours under your domain, you are probably hacked. Another way to know it, it’s just that Google shows a red screen preventing users to visit your page because it could harm them. The worst case is when Google tells you that your website has been hacked but it’s not obvious. When it is obvious, it is easier to fix. There is malware out there that doesn’t trigger always, they randomize the appearance of strange content so you don’t notice it. These are the worst.

Why your website is hacked?

Hackers try to hack your website to make a profit. Putting their code, their popups, hijacking your traffic or your clicks. As 70% of websites are done with these popular CMS, website hacking is almost automatically done. Outdated plugins or outdated versions are probably the major reason behind hacked websites.

How to fix a hacked website?

To fix a website that has been hacked, you need to first identify the hack before doing anything else. Probably you will need to restore original CMS files, delete some weird files that appeared in your FTP, and reinstall everything from a clean source. For sure the best protection against these attacks it’s a good backup process in place. Having everything updated, a good security configuration and a backup process put your website in a very safe position.

All hacked websites are fixed the same way, it doesn’t matter if you are using WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla, custom Php or whatever. It’s always about files, hosting and databases.

WordPress hacked

Probably WordPress is the main hackers’ target. As it is widely used, you just need to know what plugins a website is using, check their versions and look for bugs or security findings. We recommend a lot to have All in one security plugin installed, UpDraft backups and a hosting that cares about security. Sucuri plugin it’s also a good plugin to scan your website.

Prestashop hacked

Prestashop is also hacked often. Outdated PrestaShop versions or poor server configurations are the main reasons behind hacked PrestaShop websites. I would say PrestaShop is fare more secure than WP, but it gets hacked anyway. If you are online, you can (or will be) hacked.

Drupal hacked

Drupal was more secure in the past. We’ve seen a spike on hacked websites using Drupal recently. See these Japanese pages inside this “” page? Do you know what they did? They first got user/password for their FTP, then every 5 minutes they were uploading the same index.php file again and again. It was difficult to spot the problem. Was it from inside? No, just by changing the FTP credentials and cleaning files was enough to stop and clean the attack. Drupal website hacked example

Joomla hacked

Joomla is not used as in the past, we don’t really like Joomla, but we are here to help you anyway. You know everything is fixed the same way, files, hosting, databases and security settings.

Malware removal

There are some online tools to scan your website looking for malware. Malware is sticky, and you have to be sure you have removed everything before being safe. Just forgetting a file inside your hosting can spread the virus again. In any case, your best shot is to have a backup, if you don’t have it you will need to remove all files and start again, or you will not be safe and malware will come again.

How to protect your website against hackers, bots, and malware

The basic security recommendations are always the same:

  • Have everything updated. Core, modules, and plugins
  • Review your folder and files permissions through your FTP
  • Get a hosting service that cares about the security
  • Have a backup process in place
  • Don’t trust third party plugins, modules, files without checking reviews that can help you identify obscure intentions.

Our Hacked website Service

Completed: On the same day, as soon as possible. A hacked website will be restored when:

  • There are no errors in the console
  • You can browse through the web without seeing weird content, popups or unrecognized pages
  • Forms and sending emails works correctly
  • You can share your website correctly on social networks
  • Online services that help you find if your website is on any blacklist tells you that everything is fine
  • Google correctly displays the web page in search results
  • Browsers don’t show a red screen preventing your visitors to access the website

Your hacked website will be restored and protected against future attacks fast. Hire us.

Whatever you do, have everything updated, a good security configuration, a security plugin installed, and a backup process. These 3 things put your website in a very safe position.

Website hacked
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